Gate Fees

Gate fees per person are $10.00 for ages 13 and up and $8.00 for ages 7 through 12 each day with 6 and under being free. Please note that we cannot expect checks, debit or credit cards for gate admission.


Wristbands must be worn on the wrist of all spectators. No exceptions. If you leave the park and re-enter without the wristband on, you will be asked to pay the admissions fee again as we cannot always remember who has previously entered. We have many folks in the parking lot giving their wristbands to others.


A sign in sheet will be provided at the gate. For 8u teams, you are allowed up to 4 coaches. For 9u and up, you are only allowed 3 coaches. When a team is on defense, only 1 coach is allowed out side the dugout during play. If a team is up at bat, then you can have a first base and third base coach on the field.

Calls on the Field

If an argument needs to be made, the head coach will address it, not the player or the parent.

Coaches, Parents & Players

There are going to be some bad calls, as there are at every level. Please play the game. If the umpire rings up a player on a call that may be questionable, only the coach should point it out to the umpire calmly or stop the game and ask for a director. Umpires are not to be ridiculed and micromanaged over a job that is extremely difficult. We have some of the best umpires around when compared to other locations and we would like to keep them calling for us.


Each ejection has many different variables. Ultimately it is the Site Directors responsibility to investigate and question all parties involved in a case by case scenario. If needed, the Site Director will discuss it with the Area Director to then be communicated to the individual and enforced. A Site Director should never discuss the punishment for an ejection with a player without the players’ coach or a parent present. If anyone threatens, harasses, uses derogatory language, or curses at an umpire it is an automatic ejection from the park for the remainder of the day. If it is a coach it will be discussed with the umpire if they come back the next game. If a parent or a player is ejected, they will be asked to leave the park. The second time a parent gets ejected, them and their child will be asked to leave. If that brings the roster under the required amount to compete, then that team will be forced to forfeit.

Same for Umpires

If the umpire is out of line, it will be addressed as we have done before.

During the tournaments, foul balls are not returning. Umpires will continue to go on the field with 4 to 5 baseballs and we ask that each team allocate someone to retrieve foul balls along with our staff. We will no longer provide additional balls to a field if they are not returning and we will delay games until balls are returned to the unmpires. The only way we will provide additional baseballs to the current game is if they are not retrievable or the ball is unplayable.

With a run differential of 5.4 in 2022 and 4.6 in 2021, we will continue match up teams based on their competitive level and to the best of our ability.

For 8u to 10u, we will do Gold and Silver brackets for 7 or more teams or if the competition level is equal and we have 9 or more teams, we will bracket them up into two different divisions.

For 11u and up, you will start to see the brackets setup to be played out unless competition is one-sided and only then would we go to two different divisions or Gold and Silver based on the amount of teams.


Team payments must be paid in full by Friday befire 10pm. If your registration fee has not been paid, you will be removed from the tournament and given a forfeit. We can not spend our week or months chasing down payments.

Please rememeber one-day events are $150 for 8u and $225 for 9u and up. For example, if your team registration fee is $400, that doesn’t mean you pay $200. It is $250. Please remember, teams ar heavily discounted and the one-day events are expensive as we do not get breaks on our overhead.

If there needs to be an exception, you will need to contact Dominick Ferraro directly.


If a tournament is canceled due to non-related weather issues and a team pays prior to the tournament, they will have the option to receive a full credit or full refund. If a team has paid and drops out of a tournament prior to the schedules being released, then the full amount will be credited and carried over to the next tournament. If a team drops out of a tournament after schedules have been released to go play in another tournament, then that team forfeits their registration fee for that weekend.

ALB simply enforces the rules of USSSA which is our sanctioning body. All teams 7u through HS must be registered with USSSA. There are situations for example you may find a 12-year-old playing 11u baseball because he or she was left back a grade, then that is allowed per USSSA's bylaws.

Team registrations, folks, if you are 7u through HS, you MUST be registered with USSSA prior to playing in our events. It is a major liability for us, and the kids are not covered by insurnce if they are injured.


ALB simply enforces the rules of USSSA which is our sanctioning body. USSSA Pitching is often scrutinized. The rule is, a pitcher can throw 8 innings in a weekend with 6 innings being the max for that day. You can throw up to 3 innings on Saturday to be able to pitch no more than 5 innings on Sunday. If a pitcher throws more than 3 innings on Saturday, then he cannot pitch on Sunday, so please don’t worry about other kids and their pitch count. Let the parent address it with their coach. That's between that team and the parents. If the teams are playing within the rules, then it is what it is. For all the rules and bylaws of USSSA, please review the USSSA Bylaws.

Coaches, time request are first come frst serve and are time stamped.

After numerous discussions with coaches and directors throughout the Southeast, we have decided to implement some new changes regarding ties and time limits. As of Spring of 2020 we will allow ties on Saturday seeding games. This is to help coaches save on pitching and protect the players arms.

Gold & Silver Championships

For 8u, all gold championships will have a 1 hour 45 minute time limit. For 9u through 12u divisions all gold championships will have 2 hour and 15 minute time limit. For 13u and 14u and high school divisions all gold championships will have a 2 hour and 20 minute time limit. Silver championships will all be timed at regular times that the director has set for that tournament. The tournament directors have the authority to shorten game times as needed.

Consolation Games

All consolation games for all age groups will be drop dead based on the the age groups allocated time allowed. Consolation games can end in a tie.

If a bat is not deemed illegal by USSSA than it is legal. We will only pull the bat if it is cracked, rolled, tampered with and or dented. If the bat is webbed, then it is deemed legal as that is a coating issue with the paint or sticker around the barrell.